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Pick and choose, mix and match! We offer the following love coaching services:

Seminars and Courses

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1 on 1 Coaching

If you prefer more individual approach, we also offer 1 on 1 Individual Coaching sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts. That's your safe, sacred space.

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How you’ll benefit and what you’ll learn:

You may be wondering what we can offer you that you won’t find on your own. We can offer you a definitive path, where you may end up lost on your own.

You’ll discover a side of yourself that you never knew.

Through our courses and seminars, you'll find a whole new side of yourself. We'll help you discover hidden traits and even hidden desires, which will help you build a brighter future.

You’ll be able to determine your love behavior patterns.

Many of us tend to repeat the same patterns in our relationships. This is why they never seem to work out. We will work with you to determine the behavioral patterns you need to leave behind in order to move forward.

You’ll learn how to build stronger romantic relationships.

Everyone wants to think they're ready for love, but many of us aren't. We're missing key traits from past hurts or unrealistic expectations. Through our courses and seminars, you'll learn to develop a realistic approach to finding love.

You’ll learn to overcome the past traumas.

When we encounter a trauma, it tends to stick with us. Even when we try to move on with grace, some of us struggle. We will help you overcome those issues, allowing you to move on with your love life.

You’ll get yourself in the right mindset to really make a change in yourself.

We'll help you to develop the best mind set for your personal needs. This will help you make a healthy change to your patterns, offering you a healthier future with more rich relationships.

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Our Lovely Love Coaching Team

These guys are waiting to help you with your love and relationship issues. (well, apart from Tess, she would be up for some dog treats and cuddles instead)

  • photo_0163451543ukqfmr
    Anna Coach and Facilitator
    Anna Coach and Facilitator

    Anna has spent the last 10 years developing her coaching knowledge. She learned to love herself after growing up with an addiction-riddled family. She is committed to helping women, just like you, find their true love. Anna worked with some of the best love coaches out there to develop the skills she now offers to you.

  • photo_0163451531lszsnv
    George Coach and Facilitator
    George Coach and Facilitator

    George is the UK leader in mental health development and awareness, and has given over 10 years of his time to awareness campaigning, peer support and consulting. Nominated for APCTC Awards in 2014 and 2016.

  • photo_0163451518nlomfp
    Tess Bark Manager
    Tess Bark Manager

    Tess is a 14 years old Patterdale/ Jack Russell cross. She knows about love more than any human being!

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